00.00 PETE

0020a 00.00 PETE

Pete shouts over the music. ‘Band or ale?’ She’s drinking something the colour of meths. He leans over the table near her ear, ‘Band or ale?’ His nose in her blond hair. ‘O.K?’ She shakes her head, doesn’t know what … Continue reading

00.15 CLARA

0010a 00.15 CLARA

How Clara sleeps depends on the sculpture. Not those in the Hepworth, she is safe from them, but the ones that keep appearing in the street. They make the wind different. Like tonight. There is a new dull steel shape … Continue reading

00.21 LYN

club 00.21 LYN

Lyn blocks out the men chanting, the women screaming, the ginger drag act. Her boy’s top front tooth is chipped. Holes for two studs in his ear. At first his voice shocked her, hard, very Wakey, twinkly eyes, she bets … Continue reading

00.45 CLARA

0045 00.45 CLARA

When people ask why she came north Clara always says on impulse, but whenever she is awake this time of night she unpicks all the little bits in her decision: retiring two years early, selling the house at the top … Continue reading

01.00 PETE

urinal 01.00 PETE

The shaved head guy at the next urinal says, ‘I go out on a night and piss it all down here, I might as well chuck £40 out of the window.’ Pete can’t go. She better wait. Lyn. The bogs are … Continue reading

01.10 LYN

out 01.10 LYN

He comes back, she can feel the cold on him. ‘You been outside?’ ‘No, yeh, needed some air like.’ He sniffs his fingers. ‘You been for a smoke.’ ‘No, I don’t, well I do, weed. Not now, I just needed … Continue reading

02.00 CLARA

0200bus 02.00 CLARA

On the bottom deck of the Routemaster nightbus Ed Balls, moonlighting as the conductor, is embarrassed to see her again, the last time had been at his wedding, Clara regrets they’ve lost touch but just knows from his eyes that … Continue reading

02.30 LYN

0120b 02.30 LYN

He still tasted of beer in the cobbled Latin Quarter alley. Then against the red brick wall of Switalskis he tasted of pies. Outside the door to the flats downstairs, while she was still deciding, he tasted of dope. Now … Continue reading

02.31 XORIYO

x1 02.31 XORIYO

Outside the tent Xoriyo hears churning, snuffling in the sand but out in the bright moonlight there is nothing there, just mole rat holes, dig scrapes, camel dung, she decides to walk home but where the compound was there is … Continue reading

03.10 PETE

0310 03.10 PETE

He’s serving in an old dusty shop selling hats, birds in cages, glittery high heeled shoes in tall glass cases, Lyn is wearing a fur collar, browsing and asks how much a leopard costs and Pete says ‘Twenty-two thousand eight … Continue reading

04.10 LYN

0410 04.10 LYN

He is asleep again. Lyn’s eyes are drooping but her mouth is dry from smoke, sex, bright sweet alcohol so she gets herself a glass of water, picks her red dress off the bedroom chair and sits legs curled under … Continue reading

05.15 Xoriyo

0515 05.15 Xoriyo

Xoriyo listens, learning English. Her Father has told her, listen for the words inside words. cast ford new gate gran peter king cross She asks her Mother, ‘Did you sleep at all in the night?’ ‘Of course, when you were … Continue reading

05.45 PETE

0545 05.45 PETE

He opens his eyes. ‘You been sitting there all night?’ ‘Yeh, just sitting here.’ ‘Have I been snoring?’ ‘Yeh, I bring you here, all you want’s a cup of tea, a lie down, you’ve been snoring all night. Not what … Continue reading

05.45 LYN

0545 05.45 LYN

He tastes of- ‘Fuck!’ ‘What?’ ‘Work. I have to go, fuck, shit.’ ‘Chuck a sickie.’ ‘You are joking. Where m’f-‘ ‘Under the-‘ ‘Cheers, look, what um … laters.’ ‘Smday off.’ ‘Yeh?’ ‘Yeh.’ ‘Sound. I mean..’ ‘What?’ ‘you might want to … Continue reading

05.58 PETE

0558 05.58 PETE

Pete legs it down Back Lane, makes the prison just as Hanley corners in the van, he jumps in and they head up Love Lane to park. Hanley, looks him over, ‘Fucking hell, do you want to go back home … Continue reading

06.12 Xoriyo

0612 06.12 Xoriyo

The words inside words. field chest by on worth new street park way temple taunt abbot saint david tot mouth She loves the waiting sound, then the pitch rising, the pulling away. She is amazed her brother’s don’t wake, how … Continue reading

06.45 CLARA

claraam 06.45 CLARA

Clara pretends this is not the time and that she has not been lying awake this long. She thought that when she retired she would sleep later, but like everything else sleep seems to recede with age. The only thing … Continue reading

07.30 XORIYO

0730 07.30 XORIYO

darling ham castle mouth wick tweed wave hay market mother well go central Sitting with the map spread on the bed, her father shows Xoriyo the places, it is a map for trains and had been useless in the minibus … Continue reading

08.00 CLARA

0800 08.00 CLARA

Clara looks outside.  She cant help a glance.  No sign. All is quiet in Burgage Square. Clara says under her breath, ‘Plan. Section. Elevation.’ It must be easy to draw a tree – a line, then a circle or a line … Continue reading

08.45 PETE

0845 08.45 PETE

‘Come on what was she like then?” Hanley and Pete are in HMP Wakefield because the previous contractors made a hash of things. Cost driven corporate cowboys, Hanley calls them. ‘Would she be on for a twosome?’ What irks Pete … Continue reading

09.05 XORIYO

0905 09.05 XORIYO

out wood fit william south elm all wick bent cast meadow hall field Her Father suggests, ‘Why don’t you see which words might go together?’ She knows William is a name, she has seen photographs in the newspaper of a … Continue reading

09.20 LYN

0920 09.20 LYN

She breathes in, closes her eyes. Almost metal, not quite glass. Opens her eyes, looks at her phone again. Four texts. Hers, So Ive yr number. ThankU!!!xxx Too much? His, U2! x and Laters. Not enough? An exclamation mark. In … Continue reading

09.35 CLARA

0935 09.35 CLARA

Clara wants coffee but makes green tea. Since she stopped work, she has come to hate the gritty knife scrape on toast, so warms butter in the microwave and dangles her honey on from a teaspoon. At her table by the … Continue reading

09.45 LYN

0945 09.45 LYN

The balcony is cold, good cold. Deep-breath it-won’t-be-cold-for-long cold. Morning-of-a-good-day cold. Cold that makes Lyn feel elsewhere. Abroad. Rasping scooters, lazy sirens. About to explore a new place. She can’t see the prison. Nothing moving in Burgage Square. Between the … Continue reading

09.46 CLARA

0946 09.46 CLARA

Rilke. Clara knows from her Wakefield Libraries badge that girl’s name is Lyn but she will call her Rilke. Rilke. Lyn a beat, Rilke a pulse. This must be her day off. She spends anxious hours leaning at her window … Continue reading

10.28 LYN

1028 10.28 LYN

Lyn has glugged orange all morning. She opens another carton. Her stomach’s full but her dry lips crave more juice, her mouth bits, her throat craves gulping. She slides open her wardrobe, looks at her work clothes, going out clothes, … Continue reading

10.47 CLARA

1047 10.47 CLARA

Clara pulls the toaster out from the wall, the coffee grinder, the juicer, the knife block, chasing crumbs from the worktop with a dish cloth, tea towelling the surfaces dry. She repositions the appliances precisely, admires them, all black, brand … Continue reading

11.00 XORIYO

1100 11.00 XORIYO

Her mother has gone looking for the boys, her father is putting on his coat. There are only two ways to the big shop, one under the pigeons, the other past the door to Somalia. It was the boys’ fault, … Continue reading

11.02 PETE

1102 11.02 PETE

Hanley is doing that now watch and learn son thing, kneeling all his tools around him, the job spread, ordered on the floor, the circuit diagram in his head. A head he’s going to have to start shaving soon, there’s … Continue reading

11.15 LYN

1115 11.15 LYN

Lyn tweets, ‘Anyone know where I can buy mulberries in Wakey? @wakelibs @woodstreetmarket @uniquewakefield’ She clicks History, opens up the Rightmove page, slideshows through the the rooms full of show flat furniture, rereads, ‘This brand new, contemporary, residential development brings … Continue reading

11.45 CLARA

1145 11.45 CLARA

When Clara wants a cigarette she walks up out of Burgage Square, through the car park between the back of Quest and the huge red brick wall of Switalskis out onto Westgate, where she turns right. This morning her head … Continue reading

11.57 XORIYO

1147 11.57 XORIYO

Somewhere a child is yelping. Xoriyo and her father sit on the bench outside the main door of Angel Lodge. She waits for him to make his joke about the palm trees planted to make them feel at home, waits … Continue reading

12.05 PETE

1205p 12.05 PETE

Outside the gate he thinks how it would be quicker to nip up to her flat than back along Love Lane for his phone in Hanley’s van. Maybe she’ll be on for quick one, fuck Hofmans, fuck Hanley’s pie, fuck … Continue reading

12.06 XORIYO

1206 12.06 XORIYO

‘No worries, no worries. Xoriyo. Xoriyo. No worries.’ Like rolling water in her mouth, fresh, no feathers, no pigeon shit. Smiling makes her warm. Looking up makes her cold. She keeps her head down. ‘No worries. Xoriyo.’ The man Muxsin ran into … Continue reading

12.15 CLARA

1215 12.15 CLARA

Clara sees them from the top of Back Lane, five silhouettes through the gloom under the railway bridge against the sun glare, almost see through like angels, then the orange of Mrs Osman’s scarf, the turquoise and red of the … Continue reading

12.34 PETE

1234 12.34 PETE

Laters. He decides laters. Don’t rush her, she’ll be waiting. Limps to the Hofmans. Two warm pork pies, two sausage rolls, flakey pastry. He wolfs his roll as he walks, hot fingers, hot mouth, warm stomach. Hanley will be sitting on … Continue reading

12.34 LYN

1157 12.34 LYN

Responses to her tweet come in. From @wood_street_market, I don’t know because I have a bush in the garden! From @uniquewakefield, Can you still even buy mulberries? There is a wakey link though From @miriamm, berries have been and gone … Continue reading

13.00 CLARA

1300 13.00 CLARA

In Create they perch on the bright chairs and the Osmans seem impressed by her knowledge of the Somali family system: raas the family gathered, qaraabo close relatives, jilib a sub-clan, reer a clan, qolo the tribe. She asks, where … Continue reading

13.30 LYN

1330 13.30 LYN

Lyn walks to the bottom of Burgage Square and rings Pete. ‘Hi … it’s me, I know you can’t answer, I just wanted to say … say … ‘ She realises she should have thought. ‘Thanks’ Lame! Lame! Lame! ‘I … Continue reading

13.32 CLARA

1332 13.32 CLARA

Clara wants a cigarette so sets off away from the shops, wants to scratch the fronts of her legs, so walks fast to burn out the itching, tugs at the stupid lace collar of the shirt she put on to … Continue reading

13.45 XORIYO

1345 13.45 XORIYO

Xoriyo knows what Mother and Father are doing. No one wants to go back to Angel Lodge so they follow the boys. The boys don’t know they are leading the family, they’re just following their noses, excited and full of … Continue reading

14.01 PETE

1401 14.01 PETE

‘Did anyone ask you to bring drugs or anything else in for them from outside?’ – ‘Have you had any conversation with any prisoner about drugs?’ – ‘Alcohol?’ – ‘Any other banned substance?’ – ‘Have you ever-‘ ‘I forgot it … Continue reading

14.03 LYN

1403 14.03 LYN

Alan Lumb opens his door and lets Lyn into the hallway of his ground floor flat. She has never met anyone who smells so strongly of tea – somewhere between Earl Grey and chamomile. He is younger than his twitter … Continue reading

14.15 XORIYO

1415 14.15 XORIYO

Her mother and father are arguing quietly about the English lady, whether she wanted to meet them because she is kind or whether someone made her meet them and why that might be. The boys are arguing about which way … Continue reading

14.29 LYN

1429 14.29 LYN

Sugar light brown Flour pl Cinnamon Pecans O Juice Ginger —————- Beer wine Fish/dill/pots/veg? Apples etc Radox Toothbrush Cleanser/cw Air fresh Bics BISCS Looroll Batteries Ramkins

14.30 CLARA

1430 © 2013 Steve Dearden. All rights reserved.

A shaved head in a yellow jacket stops Clara, ‘You can’t go that way.’ ‘Why not?’ A huge motorised green screen is being moved across the end of St. Johns North. ‘They’re filming.’ ‘What?’ ‘A film, come on.’ Soil on … Continue reading

15.05 XORIYO

1505 15.05 XORIYO

Her mother and the boys go to the shop with the vouchers they were given at Angel Lodge. Xoriyo likes being with her father without the others, but today he is tight. Yesterday he taught her the queens, but today … Continue reading

15.06 CLARA

1506 15.06 CLARA

There is a market in Wood Street. There seems to be a market in Wood Street every other day, Clara wonders why they don’t just move into the empty shops. All the usual market stuff; cakes and jams, street food, … Continue reading

15.10 XORIYO

1510 15.10 XORIYO

Definitely not Wake Field. Definitely Many Different Clothes. A man and a woman wearing big metal necklaces. A lady with blue hair and a red dress. Balloon, she says aloud in English, a word she has just learnt, Pink. Green. … Continue reading

15.25 CLARA

1525 15.25 CLARA

Clara screws up her eyes from the window glare of an empty shop, ‘Well nowadays I just potter about.’ ‘Before this potting about.’ ‘I’m retired.’ Mr Osman raises his eyebrow. She uses the stock, ‘I was a civil servant.’ He … Continue reading

15.30 LYN

1526 15.30 LYN

The last person Lyn wants to run into is the key lime lady from Mulberry House. No. The last person Lyn wants to run into is Jan. Jan wants to know what happened last night. How she gave them the … Continue reading

15.59 XORIYO

1546 15.59 XORIYO

Xoriyo runs round the fountain and then wishes she hadn’t. She wobbles. Things are a bit blurry. There is a man in a grey t-shirt and she feels sick, can’t remember which way father was, realises you can’t hide in … Continue reading

16.00 PETE

1600 16.00 PETE

They have left him alone. Occasionally he hears movements on the other side of the door. Voices. Like sleeping in the afternoon. Pete thinks of his room at home, pushes all that out of his head. Hanley. Hanley will come … Continue reading

16.05 LYN

1545 16.05 LYN

Lyn is glad to see that God is in Create Cafe. The mornings she sees him on her way to the library upstairs, she knows she will have a good day. The mornings he is not, she knows will be … Continue reading

16.06 XORIYO

1530 16.06 XORIYO

The man in the grey t-shirt walks round the edge of the fountain, crosses the road and goes into Grind. Xoriyo looks at the faces of the people sitting, the man on his bike. No one is looking at her. The … Continue reading

16.10 CLARA

1610 16.10 CLARA

While Nur Osman takes Xoriyo to find a toilet, Clara thinks back to the woman from Wakefield City of Sanctuary accosting her in the street.  The way the she kept touching her thin wire glasses and her tight prim lips … Continue reading

17.00 LYN

1700 17.00 LYN

Preheat oven to 350°. Lyn rings Pete. Pecan Streusel Topping. She says streusal, stroosal, imagines what she will say if he answers while she is saying strooooowsarl. She doesn’t leave a message. She mixes four tablespoons of butter with the … Continue reading

17.05 PETE

1705 17.05 PETE

A new shaved head comes in, lanky, sleeve rolled up over his scrawny arm putting a cup of tea down. ‘I guessed, milk two sugars.’ ‘Ta. Is my boss sti-’ ‘Hold on hold on they’re just running a few checks. … Continue reading

17.20 XORIYO

1720 17.20 XORIYO

Her father is in a good mood. He says, ‘At last we have met an intelligent English person.’ He walks fast. ‘We must get home before your mother starts preparing something.’ ‘Not under the bird bridge.’ ‘OK. Not under the … Continue reading

17.25 LYN

1725 17.25 LYN

Hot from the shower, Lyn sits in her bra and pants, with a towel round her hair and, saying it like Alan Lumb/Bennett out loud, ‘Gooooogles Pyyyyr-imooos an’ Thiiiiiis-b.’ Wikipedia: “In the Ovidian version, Pyramus and Thisbe is the story … Continue reading

17.35 XORIYO

1735 17.35

Mother Jamal Muxsin are standing outside the door of Angel House with all their bags. The driver of the black minibus who shouted at mother that time is there, smoking a cigarette, holding a piece of paper, talking on the … Continue reading

18.05 PETE

1805 18.05 PETE

The voices have changed. Pete doesn’t know if they are the same people as before, if they are louder or more lively, a new shift maybe, or if it is the sound around the voices that is different. He wonders … Continue reading

19.15 LYN

1915 19.15 LYN

Soon now. She must stop looking out of the window. She leaves it open. Gets the streusel topping out of the freezer. Now the mulberry mixture: three and a half cups of … mulberries. They look a bit limp. Seven … Continue reading

19.20 CLARA

1920 19.20 CLARA

Whenever Clara puts on music, she wonders why she so rarely does, and how she could possibly forget the pleasure of sound filling a room. Dvorak. Slavonic Dances. She whips the table cloth around like a bullfighter’s cape, snaps the … Continue reading

19.22 LYN

1922 19.22 LYN

Lyn spreads her hand on the thick tablecloth. She thinks of pearls. If she picks up a knife, a fork, a glass they will be heavy. Lyn sits down and presses her fingers flat into the white, like a fresh … Continue reading

19.23 CLARA

1923 19.23 CLARA

Actually, Clara thinks, there is a rush. Everything happens at the wrong time. The girl’s painted fingernails. Her own mottled hands, make up clogged pores. The absurdity of their skin ever touching in the ways she has imagined. Everything happens … Continue reading

19.30 PETE

1930 19.30 PETE

Bastards. Bastards. Bastards. They are definitely laughing. Like they are watching a match out there. Pete tries the handle, it twists, he pulls on the door, it opens. ‘Now then now then, Peter lad, calm down.’ Hanley wipes tears from … Continue reading

19.35 LYN

1935 19.35 LYN

The old woman wraps her pearls in her fingers and presses them to her throat. Lyn checks her phone, checks Burgage Square. It is warm in here, smells of wood, or spice. Over on the worktops there are bags of … Continue reading

19.36 PETE

1936 19.36 PETE

They sign out and wait to be let out. Pete wonders if everyone knows what has just happened to him, the drugs in his pocket, stupid stupid, the joke, stupid stupid. No one is saying anything, but all the shaved … Continue reading

19.50 CLARA

1950 19.50 CLARA

Clara passes Lyn another kitchen towel. The girl’s a mess of snot and make up and hair and wracks of sobs, trying to speak but her mouth stays open stuck, will not shape words, blonde strands plastered to her lips. … Continue reading

19.53 PETE

1953 19.53 PETE

Pete legs it under the bridge, up Back Lane, across the road into Burgage Square, her light is on, the glass balcony door slightly open. He wipes his hands on the grass. Sniffs under his arms. ‘Fucking hell.’ He wonders … Continue reading

20.00 XORIYO

2000 20.00 XORIYO

Xoriyo closes her eyes but can hear the lights, each one swishing air from her ears. She thought this moving had stopped, the truck, the coach, the airplane, the ship, the airplane, the minibus – then the quiet eyes open … Continue reading

20.15 CLARA

2015 20.15 CLARA

Lyn has left the strainer on the table among tear-sodden clumps of kitchen towel. For a second Clara thinks of running after her but loses herself staring into the iceberg of tissue, plays pavlova blanket Mont Blanc tricks on herself, … Continue reading

20.27 PETE

2027 20.27 PETE

‘I knew you’d turn up’ ‘Want another one?’ ‘One! You owe me more than one lad. Yorkshire Blonde. Ha ha. Pint of.’ Pete goes to the bar. Hanley has had a few already, shouts across, ‘Let you down did she? … Continue reading

20.40 LYN

2040 20.40 LYN

Lyn stares into and out through the glass half full a quarter of a bottle a glass she could force over her sweaty head if she wasn’t reading the recipe through its side a little wobbly from the half glass … Continue reading

20.46 XORIYO

2046 20.46 XORIYO

For a while they are the only ones left in the minibus while the driver tries to work out where he is going from a screwed up piece of paper. They go up and down a street, up and down … Continue reading

20.57 CLARA

2057 20.57 CLARA

Clara tumbles the crisps and nuts, all except the cashews, back into their bags, folds the mouths down and snaps them with plastic clips.  She puts the vegetables in the crisper, the spices alphabetically on their rack, she notices the rice … Continue reading

21.09 PETE

2109 21.09 PETE

When Hanley finally goes for two more blondes and a couple of shorts, Pete checks his 6% charged phone and reads her texts. So I’ve yr number. ThankU!!!xxx Laters!xxxYes!! Listens to her messages. ‘Hi … it’s me, I know you … Continue reading

21.13 LYN

2113 21.13 LYN

He was here. Last night. This morning. He was here. The flat is too white. The wood is too wood. She kicks the wall. It is easier to kick the wall than the floor. She kicks the floor. Wine sloshes … Continue reading

21.45 CLARA

2145 21.45 CLARA

Clara sits in her flat with all the lights on. Clara sits in her flat with just her reading lamp on. Clara walks about the flat with all the lights off. She tries with just the bathroom mirror and hob … Continue reading

22.01 XORIYO

2201 22.01 XORIYO

She floats on her raft of beds, heavy with heat, fighting sleep, the beat of the TV, waiting for the baby to start crying again, Muxsin whistling across his floppy tongue, Jamal’s wheezing chest, her mother is stroking her head, … Continue reading

22.05 CLARA

2205 22.05 CLARA

There is no one at the desk at Angel Lodge. A few people stand around she makes instant judgements: Hair skin eyebrows, Kurd: ‘Do you know where the Osman family … live, are staying, Nur Osman?’ A shrug. Sari skin … Continue reading

22.21 LYN

2221 10.21 LYN

All the white sugar brown sugar cinnamon pecan ginger mulberry mush in her tummy is coming to Lyn kneels, one hand stomach one hand head the flat so hot burning lurching all at sea tilt Thinks: air, what time is … Continue reading

22.28 PETE

0020a 22.28 PETE

Pete shouts over the music. ‘Band or ale?’ She’s drinking Absolut and Red Bull. He leans over the table near her ear, ‘Band or ale?’ His nose in her black hair. ‘O.K?  Twisted Wheel.’ She shakes her head, ‘You what?’ … Continue reading

22.30 CLARA

2230 22.30 CLARA

After the long prison wall, she avoids the dank bridge and goes up Westgate, past the station entrance, the family court, the art house, Clara is just about to cross the road when she hears something from the Orangery garden. … Continue reading

22.45 LYN

2245 22.45 LYN

This morning he was here. Now he is not. Today she has spoken to him. To his ansaphone. And stared out of the window. Then the floor. Now the ceiling. Now the crappy wall. Talked to Alan bloody mulberry goooooogle … Continue reading

22.46 PETE

2246 22.46 PETE

The woman says, ‘Are you the electrician?’ He can’t help an Arnie film voice, ‘Yeh, I am the electrician.’ The woman laughs. ‘Shit.’ Behind the woman he sees Lyn, ‘Hey!’ sees Lyn tilt on the balcony, yelp, her feet go … Continue reading

22.46 XORIYO

2246x 22.46 XORIYO

Xoriyo surges for the light, must stay awake until her father returns, ’Mother have you slept tonight?’ But she falls back from the edge, plunges. The smiley girl is waving her handkerchief and thousands of tiny birds fly out and … Continue reading

22.46 CLARA

2246c 22.46 CLARA

They are both running.  The lock takes for ever to click, Clara feels the boy lean over her for the door. ‘No you stay here.’ He is past her, ‘No, you, what if she falls?’ ‘Exactly!’ Clara stands.  If the … Continue reading

22.48 LYN

2248 22.48 LYN

The man from next door is climbing over onto her balcony. She knows it is too late. That she is dead. No one can live this long, upside down, without air, even though the noose is very thin it is … Continue reading

23.09 CLARA

2309 23.09 CLARA

They are still sitting out there on the balcony as if he has just dragged her from the sea. Clara is too tired for Dvorak so puts on Kind of Blue. She saw Miles Davis play in Washington, 1973. All … Continue reading

23.14 PETE

2314 23.14 PETE

He says, ‘Cold?’ ‘Mm.’ ‘Go in?’ ’N-n.’ ‘Sober yet?’ ‘Mm.’ She is totally gone in his arms, not floppy gone, safe gone. ’N-n.’ He says, ‘You can see that from everywhere, you know you’re nearly home when you see Emley … Continue reading

23.40 LYN

2340 23.40 LYN

They shoot upwards so quickly she can hardly breath, just hold on to her sister’s arm and they’re spinning, the huge finger snapping them round faster, faster, everyone screaming, and she is fine, if she wasn’t screaming she would tell her … Continue reading

23.59 CLARA

2359 23.59 CLARA

Clara lies awake listening to the statue split the wind into footsteps and wondering whether anyone still sells Lettraset.  She will look in the morning, there is bound to be somewhere she can buy hedges, little groups of people, office … Continue reading