2040 20.40 LYN

20.40 LYN

Lyn stares into and out through the glass half full a quarter of a bottle a glass she could force over her sweaty head if she wasn’t reading the recipe through its side a little wobbly from the half glass quarter of a bottle she just glugged unsteady reading the recipe like a story something that isn’t going to happen especially ‘cos she reads in a nursery rhyme voice loud filling her lungs,

‘Preheat oven 350 mulberries
mixture a large bowl gently toss
divide between six six ounce
six six ounce six six ounce
ramekins on a rimmed bay king
sheet spread pea can streuth
toppling over mulberries
bake until bubbly stand
five minuets before Sir Ving.’

The bottle hits the rim of her glass, ding!

Lyn tries to make as beautiful a ding again.