0020a 22.28 PETE

22.28 PETE

Pete shouts over the music. ‘Band or ale?’

She’s drinking Absolut and Red Bull.

He leans over the table near her ear, ‘Band or ale?’ His nose in her black hair. ‘O.K?  Twisted Wheel.’

She shakes her head, ‘You what?’

‘Is it a band or ale?’

‘What you on about?’

‘Twisted Wheel is it a band or name of an ale?’

‘Band obviously.’

‘Maximum Darkness.’


‘Wild Mule.’


‘Art Brut.’


‘Band or beer.’

‘Band, band, band all fucking bands.’


‘This usually works for you does it?’

‘White Rat.’

‘Why don’t you just say y’fancy coming out for a jump?’


‘Oh I’m sure.’

‘Sod it, I’m off.’

She turns to her mates, curls her fingers, flips her wrist and mouths, ‘Tosser.’