1720 17.20 XORIYO

17.20 XORIYO

Her father is in a good mood.

He says, ‘At last we have met an intelligent English person.’ He walks fast. ‘We must get home before your mother starts preparing something.’

‘Not under the bird bridge.’

‘OK. Not under the bird bridge.’

And they go the long way.

Her father really is very happy, his hands are loose and flappy as he walks and he says, ‘I don’t know why, that shop reminds me of a truck.’

She knows what he means, although there is only one colour, red, not enough for a Somali truck. English trucks are dull or look like moving pictures. It would be funny if suddenly a Somali truck came down this road in Wake Field, smoke coming out and leaning over on one side with all the things on the back.

Xoriyo says, ‘Look Dad, a Somali truck! No really look!’

He stops and frowns, these again, looks round, then they are both laughing.