0612 06.12 Xoriyo

06.12 Xoriyo

The words inside words.

field chest by on worth new street park way temple taunt abbot saint david tot mouth

She loves the waiting sound, then the pitch rising, the pulling away. She is amazed her brother’s don’t wake, how much Jamaal and Muxsin sleep. How hard they will be to drag off the bed, the boys’ bed, Jamaal, Muxsin, Father, out of Angel Lodge, along Love Lane, up Back Lane.

into wake field

Ugh. Xoriyo shudders. Closes her eyes. In all the cajoling and pushing of her brothers no one will notice how she has to walk eyes closed, not looking up.

Today she will say No. There must be another path, a way round, or over, why can they not go over the Golden Bridge?