1805 18.05 PETE

18.05 PETE

The voices have changed. Pete doesn’t know if they are the same people as before, if they are louder or more lively, a new shift maybe, or if it is the sound around the voices that is different. He wonders if the lights coming on changes the sound of voices, or maybe the mood of people.

He gets up, and is surprised by his legs, he has been sitting how long?

He hasn’t owned a watch since the piece of crap his dad bought him when he was ten. His legs are stiff, the ache from sitting, from not moving, from moving now, he wonders which.

That watch lasted what? A week? Two days?

Everything people says sounds hard in prison, like barking, Pete rests his head against the door, his hand on the handle. On the other side they’re laughing, for a daft second he thinks he hears Hanley, his dad, his brother David all of them out there. Bastards. Bastards. Pete bangs on the door until he feels his skin split.