1545 16.05 LYN

16.05 LYN

Lyn is glad to see that God is in Create Cafe.

The mornings she sees him on her way to the library upstairs, she knows she will have a good day. The mornings he is not, she knows will be full of irritating enquiries from bad tempered people, or unissued items not where they are supposed to be.

Or the sun will pick out Emley Mast and rub it in her eye.

Lyn realises that, although setting up and packing away his computer must take God some time, she has never seen him arrive, never seen him leave.

If he is there when she goes home, she knows she will have a good evening. After all, he was there yesterday and look what happened. She tilts the tupperware and feels the mulberries slide, waves at God, but he does not look up, he never does.

She is glad God uses a mac to care for the world, and not a PC.