2314 23.14 PETE

23.14 PETE

He says, ‘Cold?’


‘Go in?’


‘Sober yet?’

‘Mm.’ She is totally gone in his arms, not floppy gone, safe gone. ’N-n.’

He says, ‘You can see that from everywhere, you know you’re nearly home when you see Emley Mast.’

‘I hate it.’


‘Hate it, always will.’

‘From now you’ll see it’n think on me.’

‘If you liked me you’d knock it down.’


‘Mean it.’

‘OK. Tomorrow.’

‘K.  Thanks.’

‘I’ll blow it up but I need to know why.’

‘Don’t ask.’

She shifts, looks up at him, ‘Just don’t ever ask to meet my family.’

Pete, ‘Same.’

He feels stupid but squeezes her and says, ‘I like this.’