1300 13.00 CLARA

13.00 CLARA

In Create they perch on the bright chairs and the Osmans seem impressed by her knowledge of the Somali family system: raas the family gathered, qaraabo close relatives, jilib a sub-clan, reer a clan, qolo the tribe.

She asks, where they are from, is there much fighting, how did they get here, who did they come with, what do they think of England, do they have family here? The more she asks the more uncomfortable Mr and Mrs Osman become, and then the conversation stops, Clara drifts and sees them all sitting here through the big glass windows as if she was outside looking in.

Mr Osman asks, ‘Are you OK?’

‘Yes, fine, absolutely fine, I must apologise, I’m …’ But she can’t think what she is.  So asks, ‘And what did you do? In Somalia.’

‘Doctor.’ He replies. ‘Both of us.’

And Mrs Osman nods, smiles, ‘Doctors. Yes.’ She makes a movement to her ears sketching a stethoscope, and laughs. Her teeth as bright as her beautiful husband’s.