1157 12.34 LYN

12.34 LYN

Responses to her tweet come in.

From @wood_street_market, I don’t know because I have a bush in the garden!

From @uniquewakefield, Can you still even buy mulberries? There is a wakey link though :-)

From @miriamm, berries have been and gone but I will see if I have any left on my tree

From @drsrforster, Attached image of mulberry bush. My tree still has about 20 still ripening fruits

From @alanblumb56 @WFlibraries birds love them so rarely enough left to cook been quick this year have some in freezer DM if you want some

She thumbs to his profile, enlarges his black and white picture, he could be Alan Bennett looking awkwardly off to one side. Lyn DMs Yes please and a few seconds later he replies with his number.