2205 22.05 CLARA

22.05 CLARA

There is no one at the desk at Angel Lodge. A few people stand around she makes instant judgements:

Hair skin eyebrows, Kurd: ‘Do you know where the Osman family … live, are staying, Nur Osman?’

A shrug.

Sari skin face shape, Pakistani: ‘Do you know the Osmans, Somali family?

‘No, no, sorry.’

Long body shape lips, Somali: ‘The Osmans, Nur Osman, have you-‘

‘Gone. Gone in the minibus, gone to a hostel North.’

‘Do you know where, how I might contact them?’

The man smiles, ‘You tell me and I will take them home. No one here will tell me anything.’

‘Surely someone-‘

‘I must go, if I stay here they will decide I must live somewhere else also.’

‘I can help. Give me your number.’

The Somali man shakes his head and leaves.

Clara looks round.  Everyone has gone.  She waits a few more minutes in the empty reception then heads home along the prison wall.